Tips For Successful Freelancing

You have just got over the most difficult obstacle of making a decision to unleash your true potential and enjoy freedom by choosing to freelance. It is the most authentic, safest way of making money online and statistically speaking, the future is full of freelancers as almost every 1 out of 3 individuals would be self-employed.
To become a successful freelancer, you have to go through the master’s manual of pushing the best foot forward and building a solid base in order to ace the competition. Your competition is tough, extremely sharp and could well be ahead of the curve already. 
For doing successful freelancing, I would recommend paying heed to these 8 actionable tips and give them a try. They’ve worked for me, could well change your life.

Image Source: 1- Focus on learning a skill and becoming a master.
It is the survival of the fittest. For an average skill with mediocre expertise, the chances of long-lasting presence on any freelance marketplace are dim. In my two …

Startup India

18 April 2019 Startup India is a flagship initiative of the Government of India, intended to build a strong eco-system for nurturing innovation and Startups in the country that will drive sustainable economic growth and generate large scale employment opportunities. The Government through this initiative aims to empower Startups to grow through innovation and design.
Image Source: Overview of Startup India Action plan
In order to meet the objectives of the initiative, Government of India Action Plan that addresses all aspects of the Startup ecosystem has been announced. With this Action Plan the Government hopes to accelerate spreading of the Startup movement: From digital/ technology sector to a wide array of sectors including agriculture, manufacturing, social sector, healthcare, education, etc.; andFrom existing tier 1 cities to tier 2 and tier 3 cities including semi-urban and rural areas. The Action Plan is divided across the following areas:

Simplification and Handholdin…

How to Build a Professional Work Wardrobe for Less

05 April 2019 

Whether you’re heading into your first job after college, you just got promoted or you’re changing jobs and need a new look, the cost of work clothes can really add up. In fact, your clothes are likely to be one of your largest work expenses and yet they’re usually not tax deductible.

However, building a professional wardrobe shouldn’t have to mean maxing out your credit cards or going into debt. Here are 19 ways to build up a professional, stylish work wardrobe on a budget, without breaking the bank.

Image Source: First, Figure Out What Clothes Suit You Best
Shows such as “What Not to Wear” and books such as “How To Get Dressed” will give you tips on developing a personal style that is professional, elegant and suits your body.

Armed with this knowledge, you can design a clothing list that best matches your work needs. Prior planning will save you time and money as you’ll learn to dress in a way that makes you look your best and you won’t waste …

Why Startups Fall Apart at 50 Employees

1 April 2019

Ask anyone who’s worked at more than one startup and they’ll probably tell you the same thing: Young companies start to go off the rails once they hit 50 employees. I call this the “teenager” startup phase, and I’ve been there several times, both as an employee and an executive.

Image Source: What does this look like?
Employee one through 10:
At a certain point, the original employees stop learning new people’s names. They won’t come right out and say it but they start to resent having to show yet another noob how to do the same simple things. Their tolerance for mistakes, even for the same mistakes they once made themselves, goes into the toilet. Employee 10 through 25:
The second tier of employees then starts to form small, protective cliques. They may occasionally drop references to the “good old days.” They place a growing importance on things like titles and status. Discussions might start to percolate about adopting the title prefix “Seni…

The Path to Becoming a CEO

26 March 2019 

How do you become a chief executive officer? Is there a certain blueprint to follow in order to attain this prestigious title? What professional and personal traits are necessary for the position? Technically, anyone can fill the chief executive slot, but typically those who have distinguished themselves in some manner and have strong leadership characteristics get the job.

Image Source: Education
There are no laws stipulating that chief executives must have attended college or that they must have a master's degree. However, very few people make it to the top of the corporate ladder these days without some sort of formal education.

Why is having a formal education so important? There is no simple answer to that question; however, completing university courses does provide exposure to a number of disciplines. It is a time to think, interact and share ideas with others, which are valuable experiences for a CEO to have, although of course those …

Start small to go big: here are 35 profitable businesses you can start in India within Rs 10,000

The hunt for funding has been the bane of an entrepreneur’s existence from times of yore. Many abandon their dream to build, create, and innovate in the face of this difficult struggle without realising that a good business idea will eventually pool in the bounty-full once it has secured a place in the market.

Your idea will bring you your company, your company will bring you the people, and the people will bring you the market. And as we all know, a good idea has no monetary value, just a whole lot of bursting potential. Today, the world’s most successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, and Elon Musk may hold the possibility of building pyramids out of notes, but none of them started at the top of the ladder. Facebook was created out of a Harvard dorm room at minimal cost and Microsoft was formed two years after Gates decided to drop out of college.
Image Source: The reason to stress on these remarkable entrepreneurial stories is because they provide an impor…